How to Load Marksman Bb Cal 4 5mm 177 Cal?


Start by pulling the slide back and then pushing the slide in. Make sure the gun's safety is on. Tilt the gun barrel forward, which will open a spot to put the BB's in.
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1. Point the Repeater away from people and pets and in a safe direction. Push the safety lever to the down position to ensure it is on. 2. Push down on the cocking lever on the upper
see the link below for the owners manual. The Marksman Repeater is a 4.5 .177 caliber pistol not a 5.5 .22 caliber pistol.
You didn't specify whether you had a rifle or the 1911 clone pistol. Both have tilt-out loading gates. Your best bet would be to take it to a local gun shop or sporting goods store.
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It depends on the condition of a Marksman BB repeater 177 cal as to how much one is worth. You can usually sell a used one for somewhere between $10 and $20. They ...
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