How to Long Hair?


To make your hair grow long, you are advised to follow a healthy lifestyle meaning you have to feed on enough fresh vegetables and fruits, exercise regularly and take enough water. You can also have regular trims where you can have a quarter or a half of your hair removed. Use moisturizing products and ensure to not to comb your hair more often to let flourish. For more tips, consult a hairdresser
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Xie Qiuping of China holds the world record for the longest hair with hair that measures 18 feet, 5.54 inches, or 5.627 meters.
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Hair is a string like structure that grows on a live human body or a live mammal's body. Hair is usually in the color of black, brown, white, gray, red, or blond.
You could always shave it off. There is also facial Nair over the counter that works really well too. If you enjoy pain, you can tweeze it off also.
Eating healthy foods would be one way to promote hair growth. Since hair is made up of protein, try eating foods rich in protein such as fish, eggs, and beans. Remember, iron is also
To french braid hair you will need a hair brush, a hair tie, both hands, a comb, some time and patience. It is best to braid slightly dirty hair rather than freshly cleaned hair.
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Well, long hair can be growing by taking proper care of your hair that includes oiling your hair regulary, washing and cleaning them regularly and having healthy ...
For long hair, a simple pony tail works every time, French barrettes are also used as a means for holding long hair away from the face and a simple three strand ...
You can try to spike long hair with a spiking gel that is sold in stores. Long hair does not spike very well, so you may want to cut some of it off. ...
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