How to Look after Marine Fish?


When looking after Marine fish, be sure to siphon out any debris from the water, clean the filter and change the water often. Also feed Marine Fish fish food specific for them and keep them in an aquarium large enough to house them.
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1. Choose an adequately sized tank for the fish you plan to keep. Be sure the fish have plenty of room to swim around, and be careful not to overload the tank with fish. Having too
1 Feed your fish the right food. Different tropical fish require different types of fish food and different amounts. Keep this in mind when buying fish. If you stick to fish that
It's a bit more difficult than a freshwater tank, because there are more water parameters to worry about. Suppliers are starting to breed marine fish in captivity, but most are still
The fish you choose will have different care requirements from many other species. To make the best of your aquarium you should choose fish that all have similar requirements. First
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