How to Look after Tropical Fish?


Once you have established a good water filtration system, tropical fish are fairly easy to maintain. Feed them just a little every day and change 20% of their water every two weeks. This will keep the tank fresh and the fish healthy.
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1 Feed your fish the right food. Different tropical fish require different types of fish food and different amounts. Keep this in mind when buying fish. If you stick to fish that
Concientiously. I research the species I wish to keep and then provide all the requirements the specific fish needs to thrive.
1. Choose an adequately sized tank for the fish you plan to keep. Be sure the fish have plenty of room to swim around, and be careful not to overload the tank with fish. Having too
I find looking after fish is more difficult then pretty much any other pet. I put way more time, money and effort then into fish then i have with anyother pet. That being said i find
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