How to Look as a Hairdresser?


Neat hairdressers do neat work. How clean the hairdressing equipment and the hair salon environment are also matter, how well planned and organized they are also matter a lot.
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REALL REALLY cute! i want to get my hair layered SOOO badly but since I am a swimmer its a LITTLE bit harder to put in a cap.
Bring In a picture of that hair, Take a Screenshot of The Video and then just crop it, Save it. Stick it on your ipod or phone and show them.
Someone who is friendly but doesn't talk nonsense all the time they are cuting your hair. Also one that listens to what you want-there are too many hairdressers who seem to want to
Have your stylist soften the edges, this can be done a couple of ways, without knowing your texture and length of your hair I can offer you a suggestion that works for all hairstyles
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