How can I look pretty?


Makeup is a tool that can help improve any appearance. The first step to looking beautiful, though, is to embrace your natural beauty, but makeup can highlight your best features.

  1. Take care of yourself

    A good way to look more beautiful is to take care of your health. Take a shower every day, get plenty of sleep every night (the average teenager can suffer mood problems if they get less than eight hours of sleep every night). Drink tea, cut down on sugary snacks, eat healthy foods, and get sufficient exercise. This is a big step to improving how you look and feel.

  2. Take care of your skin

    A good canvas is essential to a good painting. Your skin is the base of your beauty routine. Use daily cleansing and moisturizers, and a facial mask two to three times a week, according to Beauty and Tips magazine. Go easy on the makeup, and your face will clear up naturally. Try splashing your face with cold water every morning and evening for 10 minutes to clear up your skin and close pores.

  3. Learn to use makeup

    Makeup works differently for different people depending on your features, bone structure and coloring. Use makeup sparingly. It should be used to enhance your features, not hide them. Choose a feature you wish to play up.

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