How do you lose 5 pounds in one week?


I have found the best way to lose 5 pounds in a week. What I do is cut back on my calories and eat only healthy foods. Then, I exercise faithfully ever day for 2-3 hours. I mix up cardio, weight lifting and jogging.
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jenny Craig.
First, before starting any kind of diet program or weight loss program, talk to your doctor about your health. Nobody can really guarantee that you can lose any certain amount of
Plan to eat 2 small meals, 2 smoothies, plus one snack each day. Grab a piece of paper
Fruit and veggie diet. I tried this and lost 5lbs in like a week. All you have to do is eat only fruits and veggies all day with water. Nothing else. It seriously works. Work out
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To lose five pounds in a week can be difficult to do, but it can definitely be done. You will need to cut down on the calorie intake and exercise. Drink water as well.
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This is actually a hard question because everyone is shaped differently. From my knowledge you should at least workout 5 times a week even if it's just for 30 ...
To lose 30 lbs in 2 weeks will most likely not be possible. Your body can only lose so fast. You will need to exercise as much as possible each day. Eat only lean ...
To lose 5 lbs in one week you need to cut out all junk food, sugar and soda pop. Drink water, and lots of it! Eat small meals of lean protein and veggies. Get ...
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