How to Loose 5 Lbs in a Week?


I have found the best way to lose 5 pounds in a week. What I do is cut back on my calories and eat only healthy foods. Then, I exercise faithfully ever day for 2-3 hours. I mix up cardio, weight lifting and jogging.
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To lose five pounds in a week can be difficult to do, but it can definitely be done. You will need to cut down on the calorie intake and exercise. Drink water as well.
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First, before starting any kind of diet program or weight loss program, talk to your doctor about your health. Nobody can really guarantee that you can lose any certain amount of
1. Eliminate high-calorie foods from your diet. Specifically remove foods such as processed and fast foods. Increase your intake of filling, yet low-calorie snacks such as vegetables
3500 Calories burned equals one pound. So, to lose 5 in a week you need to burn 17500
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Eat heallthy and exersize continually. ...
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