How can you lose one stone in two weeks?


You can lose one stone in two weeks if you follow a diet plan that actually burns fat. Ensure to start your day with fresh fruit and smoothes. Do not feed on anything else until the mid morning snack. Take a bowl of soup and salad for lunch. Have protein-based-fish, lean meat, eggs and tofu with lots of vegetables or salad for dinner. If you do not exercise late in the day, avoid taking carbohydrates after 6 pm. Do not go to bed on an empty stomach if you have trouble sleeping. Consume a lot of calcium and Omega S-rich foods and add lots of fat-busting herbs and spices to meals.
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Losing weight in two weeks is a very attainable goal. If you drink lots of water to get rid of water weight you may lose a couple pounds with in the first week. Then start eating
Assuming you want to lose body fat, you can't. To lose 1 stone in two weeks you would have to run about 400 miles in those 2 weeks. Actually, less will probably do if you take into
1. Perform cardiovascular exercise for one hour, five days per week. Aim to burn 500 calories during each exercise session. Keep in mind that you may have to gradually build up your
It would be very very difficult to achieve and would be harmful to your health. Also the chances are that you would put it back on very quickly. If you want to lose weight, eat less
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