How to Lower PSA Levels?


There are numerous ways in which PSA levels can be lowered. One of the ways is to consume vitamin D up to an adequate amount. Such foods should be eaten that have many antioxidants. The cholesterol level should be maintained.
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1. Consume adequate amounts of vitamin D. An adequate amount of vitamin D for men ages 18 to 50 is 5 IU, for men ages 51 to 70 is 10 IU and for men 71 and older is 15 IU. 2. Eat food
You can lower your cortisol levels by learning methods to manage stress. Practicing yoga, meditation, exercise and attitude adjustment therapy are all positive, easy ways to lower
1 Heat and aerate the water. If the water is in a storage tank, heat will eventually lower the residual. You could aerate the water by mixing the water with air- for example, let
Not knowing your father-in-laws particular case, the following just applies in general to men with rising PSA after prostatectomy. As mentioned above, rising PSA after surgery likely
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How to Lower PSA Levels
PSA (prostate specific antigen) is a substance that is found in healthy adult males. PSA makes up part of the composition of semen. Most men have approximately four nanograms of PSA in their blood, which is a healthy amount. Higher levels of PSA are... More »
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