How to Lower Testosterone Levels in Women?


Hormones are funny things. Men are supposed to be testosterone driven and women estrogen. However, sometimes women wind up with too much testosterone and that causes all kinds of symptoms. It can lead to infertility, excess hair, facial hair and excess pimples. Anyone suffering with this problem needs to know how to lower testosterone levels in women. A low-fat diet, soy-based foods and cutting down on the refined sugars and starches.
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Eat less red meat and dairy products. The British Journal of Nutrition indicates that those on meat diets compared to diets with soy substitutes had higher levels of testosterone.
Testosterone is the predominant male sex hormone that is produced by the testes beginning in the fetus' eighth week. In the fetal and embryonic stages of development, testosterone
1. Take note of your symptoms. Track symptoms that might be caused by high testosterone levels. Some of the symptoms to look for include acne, increased muscle mass, and a deepening
if you want to do it permanently add soy products to your daily diet. if you want to make a quick temporary drop go a few days with little sleep followed by the last day of no sleep
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To lower testosterone levels in women they can exercise more, eat better and keep as much stress out of their live. A doctor can start a health plan with a woman ...
Women can lower their testosterone levels naturally through regular exercise and a balanced diet low in sugar. Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) are ...
Its simple to lower testosterone levels. Just drink plenty of alcohol, dont exercise, and get old. None of these, by the way, are recommended. The getting old ...
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