How to Magnetize Metal?


Metal becomes magnetized whenever it is in vicinity of magnet. Magnetic lines of force make molecules of metal unidirectional which inturn makes it magnet.
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1. Rub the metal you want to magnetize in one direction over the existing magnet. This is the quickest way to magnetize metal. It causes the non magnetized metal to polarize and turn
When electricity pass through the metal a magnetic field is created and at that time metal made a magnet and attract all iron object.
Magnetism is an amazing anomaly. It is fun to watch metals being attracted to magnets. Magnetism is brought by the negative and positive particles in a particular object that tend
Rub the metal you want to magnetize in one direction over an existing magnet. This is
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How to Magnetize Metal
A magnet is a neat scientific anomaly. Magnetic attraction is caused by the positive and negative atom particles in an object to line up all together. When the negative and positive particles stay on their designated side, they are polarized. This causes... More »
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