How to Magnetize Something?


It's not difficult to magnetize something, although it does not work on all objects. Mainly it will work on metal items like nails. To magnetize it, rub a magnet up the side repeatedly going in the same direction. It will function as a magnet for a while, but it is not permanent. You can find more information here:
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1. Hold the magnetizable material flat in one hand and the magnet in the other with one pole toward the magnetizable material. It does not matter which pole so long as you are consistent
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Create electromagnetic field using electricity, take ferromagnetic
Do you want to give an example of the non magets to which you refer? Most stuff that contains ferous material will be attracted to magnets depending on their content but they arent
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How to Magnetize Something
Creating a permanent magnet is a difficult process. However, it is simple to temporarily magnetize material as long as you already possess a strong magnet and have something capable of being magnetized. Anything is magnetizable as long as it is attracted... More »
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To demagnetize something, you have to use a magnet to remove the magnetic charge from the object. This usually is done to something you don't want demagnetized ...
You can test whether something is real gold by using a magnet, real gold is not attracted by magnets. You can also use a density test, real gold has a density ...
A person can tell if something is made of Brass if it is the proper color. A magnet can also be used to determine if it is Brass. ...
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