How can I make 30 cups of coffee?


You can make 30 cups of coffee by using a coffee pot. A typical coffee maker will make 12 cups of coffee per pot. A person could make 3 pots of coffee and get 30 cups.
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1. Place the pump stem in the percolator, making sure it is seated in the well at the bottom of the pot. 2. Fill the percolator to the 30-cup line with cold water. 3. Place the basket
1 Put a teaspoon of instant coffee into the mug . 2 Boil some water in the electric kettle, then wait for the water to stop simmering . Water above 90°C will scorch the coffee
At our church we use l cup coffee to make 30 cups in Electric coffee maker. This makes it a little strong for me. At home, I use 3/4 cup instead. This makes it plenty stong for me
Mexican coffee recipes are many and varied. They are often served as after dinner cocktails, but can also be nonalcoholic beverages served at any time of the day. Some are impressive
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