How to Make 3D Shapes from Paper?


The practice of making three dimensional shapes out of paper is called origami. A common example of origami would be the paper planes that many children make in school. Here is a website that shows many other examples of origami, plus directions on how to produce the same results.
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Making three-dimensional shapes out of paper allows us to explore physical space and measurement. The process can be used to teach math, science or art. Use the shapes to make toys
A pentagon is a 2-D shape. There is a 3-D shape with 12 faces, each a regular pentagon. It's called a dodecahedron. To make one out of (stiff) paper, you would cut out a "net
1. Fold your black construction paper in half first widthwise, then lengthwise. Crease it very sharply. Open the paper back up and tear it gently along the creases. The construction
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There are various shapes that you can make 3-D. To make a cube shape you can either make a pattern or you can find many online at various sites. Take your pattern which will consists of 4 equal squares down the middle, on the bottom of the middle square you will want to angle it like this (___/) on all three outer sides. On the second square you will want to draw two more equal squares. Then on the the two short sides of these squares you will draw the above diagram again. Drawing this diagram on both sides of each square, now you will fold the squares to form a cube. Glue the cube together and there you have it a 3-D cube.
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You can make 3D shapes out of pretty much any sturdy paper or foam board and some scissors. You start by drawing the shapes 'net' or the pattern it would make ...
A 3d shape is a shape that has length, width and depth. All 3 dimensions shape are solids. Examples of 3 dimension shapes include a cube which is a 3D version ...
Shapes that have an area only, that is length and width, are 2D or 2-dimensional shapes, whereas those shapes that have volume and are solid in nature are called ...
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