How do you make a 3D boron model?


You need to determine a name of the element as atom model, find the number of protons and electrons, go on to determine the number of neutrons, paint the protons one color and the neutrons a different color, make the electron orbits using a wire circle, glue each of the electron shells to the poster board in the correct order, leaving the nucleus in the center of the atom, there you will have made a 3D boron model.
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1. Paint half of the Styrofoam balls to differentiate protons from neutrons. If you want, paint all the balls, but use different colors for the protons and neutrons. Use whatever
1. Take six pieces of construction paper and cut into 6 squares. If using typical 8 1/2-by-11-inch paper, simply take a corner and place it to opposite side so it is in a triangle
1. Join some of the sites dedicated to 3D modeling and CGI in general, such Renderosity or 3D Planet. These sites are great places to go for tutorials related to the various subtopics
1. Launch your media player program and load the video file you want to create a 3-D model from. You should either allow the video to play or use the video player's tracking controls
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