How do you make a 3D DNA model?


To make a 3D DNA model you will need 100 styrofoam balls, 75 double ended toothpicks, a wooden stand,several paintbrushes, red, white, blue, green, yellow and orange paint. You can find more information here:
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1. Organize the Styrofoam balls into three sets of 20 and four sets of five. 2. Paint one set of 20 Styrofoam balls black to represent the deoxyribose sugar that forms the backbone
1. Open Hexagon. Select the "Primitives" tab and click on "Sphere. Use the tool to draw a sphere on the canvas. In the "Properties" panel, increase the number
1. Open your CAD application and select its perspective viewport to create a model. This viewport lets you dynamically orbit and walk around a 3D object so you can see it clearly.
1. Soak your basket reeding in a sink or tub filled with enough water to cover the reeding. The water temperature does not matter; the water will make the reeds more pliable. Soak
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How to Make a 3-D DNA Model
DNA is a complex molecule fundamental for the processes of life. The DNA structure consists of deoxyribose sugars, phosphate groups, and nitrogenous bases. The deoxyriboses are linked by phosphate groups to form the backbone of the DNA. Each deoxyribose... More »
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You can make a 3-D DNA cardboard model by using a ball and stick structure. You can usually get the balls and sticks necessary for this project at your local arts and craft store. A good place to start would be Pottery Barn.
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