How do you make a 3D DNA model?


To make a 3D DNA model you will need 100 styrofoam balls, 75 double ended toothpicks, a wooden stand,several paintbrushes, red, white, blue, green, yellow and orange paint. You can find more information here:
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To make a 3d DNA model you can use 4 different colored beads and two different colored wires. Connect the beads in sets of two, using different colors. Cut the wire into one inch
1. Organize the gumdrops according to color. Purple gumdrops represent adenine, red gumdrops represent thymine, blue gumdrops represent cytosine and yellow gumdrops represent guanine
Learning how to make a DNA model is a great way for kids to demonstrate that they understand how the various chemicals combine to form a DNA strand. Creating a DNA model is really
cut four thick strips of construction paper, glue them together accordingly to make one pair make them the helixes of the DNA model then just use toothpicks and punch holes through
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How to Make a 3-D DNA Model
DNA is a complex molecule fundamental for the processes of life. The DNA structure consists of deoxyribose sugars, phosphate groups, and nitrogenous bases. The deoxyriboses are linked by phosphate groups to form the backbone of the DNA. Each deoxyribose... More »
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You can make a 3-D DNA cardboard model by using a ball and stick structure. You can usually get the balls and sticks necessary for this project at your local arts and craft store. A good place to start would be Pottery Barn.
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DNA models are a common science fair project for young students while they are in school. Some ideas for making models include toothpicks and foam balls to replicate ...
A fun and creative way to make a model of DNA is to use pipe cleaners and beads! Twist the pipe cleaners together to form a double helix, and tie smaller pipe ...
3D animal cells model is a scientific scheme that allows learners to learn more about both plant and animal cells. To build a 3D animal cell model you first learn ...
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