How to Make a Ball out of Paper?


One way to make a ball out of paper is by folding the paper into triangles. You make triangles while folding the paper, tuck in the ends, then reverse the fold and flatten it. Blow air into the opening and you have a ball. Origami is another way to make a ball out of paper.
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1. Place the paper colored-side down on the table. 2. Fold the piece of paper in half to form a triangle. Match the upper right corner to the bottom left corner. Run your fingers
1. Obtain your piece of paper. Take note of its thickness and the information on it. Thicker paper will take more energy to crumple, and may not stay in compact form as long as thin
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Crumpling up a piece of paper into a ball dramatically improves the qualities of paper as a projectile. The most important reason is that crumpling decreases the surface area of the
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How to Make a Ball Out of Paper
Making a ball out of paper involves cutting out a circle shape from several pieces of paper, folding each one in half and gluing each half side to the next circle. Attach a string and some sequins to a paper ball with a demonstration from an experienced... More »
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