How to Make a Barbie Cake?


There are many ways to make a barbie cake. You can even make a barbie cake by using an actual barbie. Just get creative and let your vision come out!
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How to Make a Barbie Cake
Barbie has been popular with young women since the doll was introduced, and many products have been developed based on the Barbie brand. Making a Barbie cake is a simple project that young girls especially will enjoy.... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Flat Barbie cake is prepared for a small baby girl. To make this Barbie cake, you have to follow the instruction provided on the back of the box by first mixing and baking the cake. Secondly, test the cake with a toothpick to see if it has completed baking in the centre and place in the Barbie doll into the centre of the top of the cake. Lastly, mix the icing with the food colouring to make colours that counterpart Barbie's top, store in a fridge or serve instantly.
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You will need a special pan (Classic wonder mold)You can purchase it from a craft store, a barbie doll and a 10" round cake pan. Mix the cake as normal, fill the pans and bake.
1. Place the round cake you baked in an oven-safe bowl on your cake board or large platter so that the flat side is down. Center the cake on the platter because it will be difficult
Here's how to make a Barbie cake that will delight Barbie fans young and old alike! Difficulty Level: Medium Time Required: 1 hour Here's How: Make a cake in a well-greased
Barbie cake recipe: You will need a Bake a cake in the Classic
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You can make a cute Barbie doll cake using different shades of pink icing, strawberry cake mix, and Barbie dolls! Layer the strawberry cake, putting icing in between ...
1. Follow the instructions to bake one 9 inch by 13 inch sheet-cake mix. Do not bake the cake in a sheet-cake pan, however. Use a greased, curved pan because the ...
There are many different designs available online with which to make flat or even 3D Barbie-themed cakes. has a bunch of Barbie ...
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