How to Make a Batman Mask?


In order to make a Batman mask, you can cut one out of paper. These are relatively easy to make. However, when making one, ensure that the slits for the eyeholes are big enough.
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1. Draw a large half circle on a piece of black construction paper. 2. Mark eye holes on the mask two-thirds of the way up the circle using a felt-tip pen. Cut oval eye holes out
Batman's secret identity is Bruce Wayne (named for the historical figures Robert the
Ra's Al Ghul knows. It's never really been explained how. But he showed up in the Bat Cave at their first meeting. Bane deduced Batman's identity through logic and detective work.
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If you want to make a batman mask, grab a black stocking hat and pull it over your eyes down to your nose and cut out two holes for your eyes and glue two cardboard ...
A Batman costume with mask is very easy to make. The mask can be made with two triangles formed from stiff cardboard and pinned into the hair for ears. Use a black ...
As of January 2013 there are several places where one can find Batman mask templates. These templates can be found at Study Village, Vulture, The-Printable-Mask-Shop ...
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