How do you make a Batman mask?


In order to make a Batman mask, you can cut one out of paper. These are relatively easy to make. However, when making one, ensure that the slits for the eyeholes are big enough.
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all you need is : a little bit of clay, black lego helmet, black lego goggles. what to do : make little triangles for mask ears, put on helmet, put goggles on. Simple!
Things You'll Need. 1 basic white mask. Spray paint. Small dowel rod. Feathers. Scissors. Hot glue. Hot glue gun. Sequins. Instructions. Pick a design for your mask. The female mask
Things You'll Need. 9-inch-by-12-inch multicolored construction paper. Pencil. Scissors. Exacto knife. Cutting board. White craft glue. Feathers. Toothpick. Elastic string. Making
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