How do you make a Batman mask?


In order to make a Batman mask, you can cut one out of paper. These are relatively easy to make. However, when making one, ensure that the slits for the eyeholes are big enough.
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1. Draw a large half circle on a piece of black construction paper. 2. Mark eye holes on the mask two-thirds of the way up the circle using a felt-tip pen. Cut oval eye holes out
1. Measure and cut two holes in the middle of your paper plate for the eyes. Be sure to check that the child can see out of them before continuing your mask to ensure safe viewing
1. Turn the T-shirt inside out. 2. Place the T-shirt over your head and stick part of your face into the neck hole. 3. Tie the arms of the T-shirt together securely around the back
1. Construct an outer armor shell. Batman's armor protects him from stray bullets, explosive blasts and the odd confrontation with cats. According to the Christopher Nolan Batman
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