How to Make a Beaded Headband?


If you want to make a beaded headband, there are alternatives you can try rather than sewing individual beads onto a band. Often a fabric and crafts store will sell pre-made string of beads that will allow you to sew an entire string of beads around the headband. You should pick a string of beads that coordinates with the colors of your headband. You can either sew the beads on by hand or use a sewing machine.
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1. Bend one end of wire over to touch the long end of the wire in order to form a loop on one end. 2. String beads in the pattern that you prefer on wire. When you have about one
Headbands aren't just for keeping hair out of your face. In this article we will teach you how to make beaded headbands that are fit for a queen! With just a few easy steps, you'll
1 Measure the head. Before you can make the headband you will need to know the appropriate size. This can be done by measuring the individual or by using generalized measurements
1. Take the two ends of the cord and hold them together to find the center of the cord. Take the loop of the cord center and place it through the bottom of the lanyard hook. Pull
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How to Make a Beaded Headband
Beaded headbands are an easy and adorable way to dress up a little girl's hairdo. They are so easy to make that you will want to make one to match every outfit.Below you will find the simple instructions to make these too-cute hair embellishments.... More »
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To make a beaded headband you will need either fourteen or sixteen gauge jewelry wire. Form a loop on one end of the wire. Decide on the pattern for your beads and start stringing the beads onto the wire. You can find more information here:
A beaded headband can be very simple to make. Since there are so many ways to make a beaded headband, I would recommend buying a book that contains beaded jewelry patterns that can show you how to construct a beaded headband. A good place for jewelry as well as arts and crafts would be Hobby Lobby.
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