How to Make a Bed Crown?


One of the easiest ways to make a bed crown is by repurposing an old metal shelf. It's best if you pick a decorative one. Turn the shelf upside down and attach it to the ceiling above the bed with curtains.
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1. Decide on your fabric. Bed sheets are an easy option. They are prehemmed and will coordinate with the bedding. Use one flat sheet for the back of the crown, one flat sheet cut
1. Decide the number of additional inches of bed height needed. If only the head of the bed needs to be lifted for health reasons, ask your doctor to recommend the best height for
1. Remove the closet door or doors. Clean out and repaint the interior of your closet after removing the clothing rack and/or built-in storage units occupying the space. You can remove
1. Obtain six tatami mats. These can be purchased online or in Japan. Tatami mats are a straw weave and are very sturdy and tough, with just enough give to make them comfortable.
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How to Make a Bed Crown
A bed crown holds drapery panels over a bed and can take the place of a headboard. It can be a glamorous addition to the design of a bed. A crown should coordinate with the colors and fabrics already in the bedroom. You can hang a crown canopy over the... More »
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