How to Make a Bee Costume?


To make a cute bee costume you can purchase a yellow t-shirt and black pants. You glue the black polka dots onto the yellow t-shirt. Purchase a pair of antennas and an object that looks like a bee stinger if you would like to go all out. Also some black wings to make the costume come together.
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1. Apply strips of black electrical tape to a yellow shirt to create stripes for your bumblebee costume. Avoiding wrapping the tape around the entire shirt because that will prevent
The best places to purchase a costume are Claire's, Ebay, Price runner, Brands on sale however the are many more places and online retailers to buy from.
Well, a lady bug works! you can all be woodland animals like a bee (which there is never just one bee in a hive so you can have more than one) a lady bug, magic mushroom Alice (Don't
Do you want to “bee” the life of the Halloween costume party? Here’s a simple and inexpensive way to create a cute bumblebee costume that people will be buzzing
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How to Make a Bee Costume
Make a homemade bee costume suitable for adults or children with inexpensive materials that you may already have in your home. Choose age-appropriate clothing to form the base of your costume and create a cute child bee or a sexy adult bee. While you can... More »
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To make an easy bee costume at home, someone needs to get black felt and cut it into strips. The felt then needs to be carefully ironed onto a yellow hooded sweatshirt ...
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