How to Make a Bee Costume?


To make a cute bee costume you can purchase a yellow t-shirt and black pants. You glue the black polka dots onto the yellow t-shirt. Purchase a pair of antennas and an object that looks like a bee stinger if you would like to go all out. Also some black wings to make the costume come together.
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1. Cut a hole for your head starting at the end point of the zipper of your beanbag chair. Make sure you cut to the edge of the zipper so the hole increases in size when it is unzipped
Honey bees make honey using two things, that is nectar and pollen. There are two different kinds of bees that collect the both of these things. You can find more information here:
1. Measure and and cut a piece of high density craft foam so that is about 1 3/4 feet long and 10 to 11 inches wide, though you will probably have to make adjustments to these dimensions
1. Choose the simplest possible design. Creating a knight in armor on an attached horse is beyond most amateur capabilities. A basic head piece and one- or two-piece suit can be modified
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How to Make a Bee Costume
Make a homemade bee costume suitable for adults or children with inexpensive materials that you may already have in your home. Choose age-appropriate clothing to form the base of your costume and create a cute child bee or a sexy adult bee. While you can... More »
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To make an easy bee costume at home, someone needs to get black felt and cut it into strips. The felt then needs to be carefully ironed onto a yellow hooded sweatshirt ...
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