How to Make a Beer Case Cowboy Hat?


To make a cowboy hat from beer boxes you need to empty three boxes first. Flatten out the boxes and cut out the pieces you need and glue them together. Follow the directions from this site to make a hat.
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1. Flatten all three beer boxes by unsealing the seams on all sides of the box. Lay all three on a flat surface, and flatten over with your hands so that there are no bumps or bulges
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Making a beer case cowboy hat is fun, and youll definitely draw attention at any party. You will need a 12 pack beer box, a ruler, tape and scissors. For more information look here:;
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If you need a unique costume for a party, try building a beer box cowboy hat. You can easily build one using three beer boxes. You will also need a measuring ...
The pattern for a beer box cowboy hat calls for materials such as 3 beer boxes, pencils, utility knife and a stapler. You will also need some tape and a marker ...
You can learn how to make a cowboy hat out of cardboard in less than 10 steps. You will need two empty 24 can beer boxes, a marker, packing tape, string, a stapler ...
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