How can one make a bench-seat cushion?


You can make a beach cushion by getting a piece of foam. By getting this sturdy piece of foam and a poster and get in weatherproof fabric, you can make a very nice beach seat cushion.
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1. Place a piece of paper over the seat of the bench. Use a roll of newsprint, or old newspaper if that's what you have. Tape several pieces together to make a piece that covers the
1. Move each of the Sonata's front seats all the way forward to increase the amount of room you have to work with in the back seating area. This is optional. 2. Push the center of
1. Wash and thoroughly dry each length of material. Use your dryer's low setting, so the fabric will come out less wrinkled. Press any creases out of the fabric before you begin sewing
1. Decide how many cushions you want—three for a very wide glider, two, or one long one. Measure the depth of your glider seat from the back to the front edge, and the width
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