How do you make a bird beak?


To make this bird beak, you will need some poster board, preferably yellow, a pair of scissors, a dinner plate, some tape and some string. Use the dinner plate to trace a circle onto the dinner plate. Cut out the circular shape. On one side of the circle, cut a slit that goes to the center. Using both hands, wrap the now cut sides of the circle in towards each other, overlapping as much as you want until you have the desired beak shape, like a cone. Tape the ends into place to secure the beak shape. Tape two pieces of string, one on each side of the beak, long enough to wrap around the head to tie in place.
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Children are creative by nature and will play with something they have made themselves. Making a construction paper beak is a good craft project to go along with a school lesson or
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To create a beak that will actually allow you to pick up seeds you will need 1 sheet of paper, markers or colored pencils, and tape. If you'd like to create a face to go along with your beak then gather some feathers, plastic lids or buttons and felt. For more information look here:;
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