How to Make a Bird Cage Cover?


First pick out a fabric design you like. See this site for the full instructions: .
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1. Measure the cage, including the front, back, sides and top. Measure the top especially carefully, taking into account whether your cage is flat or domed, or if it is topped with
You'll need 6 upright boards that are 1x2 by 6 feet and 13 rail pieces, 6 for the top and 6 for the bottom and 1 for the top of the door frame. These are 22.5 inches long. Build the
Bird cage covers play an important role when taking care of a bird. Getting one as a pet requires specific care. Birds need about twelve hours of sleep but they are also sensitive
every night. do not cover it in the day though or they will not go to bed at night.
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How to Make a Bird Cage Cover
One of the most important accessories for your bird is a cage cover, preferably one that will last for many years. A store-bought cage cover can provide a safe, warm, cozy, dark environment for your bird to sleep in, but it can be expensive. In... More »
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