How do you make a bird trap?


To make a bird trap you will need a bird or animal cage that has a swinging door attached to it, a twine shallow dish and some birdseed. You also need a good location. You can find more information here:
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1. Place the birdcage or other animal cage on the grass with the door open, facing the sky. 2. Place a shallow dish of birdseed on top of the cage.
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1 Set up a cardboard box, or you can make your own trap from wood. All you have to do is make a wooden box with one side with an opening. Ad 2 Find a small stick with a fork in it
ok first you get a 12 inch stick a 5 inch stick then you get a string about 15 inches then a 1/4 pound rock . first you get the rock and tie it to the string make a 10 inch loop in
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How to Make a Bird Trap
If you have lost your beloved pet bird or are having trouble with a specific bird ruining your garden, a humane bird trap is a good way to get a bird out of one space and into another. Although there are plenty of bird traps available for purchase on the... More »
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