How to Make a Boat out of Popsicle Sticks?


First start building 2 pontoons with 5 or 6 Popsicle sticks stacked and glued together for each one. Next step glue sticks across the two pontoons to build the deck. After this is dry and is proven to float try and get fancy from here and add a sail from cloth glued to a stick.
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1. Start by building your pontoons. Use about five or six or more for each one according to your taste. Glue them together in a stack until you have two equal "pontoons"
wood floats,why not make it solid like a raft?soak it with wd40 when your done and then its also waterproof,sweet idea huh?i may just hose my house down with that instead of painting
1. Gather your materials and make sure you have everything. Ad. 2. Take your piece of paper and lay it down on your table. 3. Put down 10-12 Popsicle sticks or 15-17 depending on
you have to eat the popsicles first.. HA ;D
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