How to Make a Bolo Tie?


Bolo ties have numerous styles and material to be made from. One uses beads, scissors, a plastic lid from a frozen juice can, plastic straw, and a few other crafty items.
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1. Select a braided leather cord in your desired color. The cord needs to be about 40 inches long, and the ideal thickness is approximately four millimeters. Place the cord around
The characteristics of Bolo ties include: longevity, easy wearing comfort, high quality material craftsmanship, authenticity, superior finish and the finest manufacturing.
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generated renewed interest in this uniquely American accessory. The Heard Museum graciously shared this short history of the bolo tie: The distinctive tie originated in the Southwest
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How to Make a Bolo Tie
The bolo tie (or bola tie) is a unique necktie often associated with Western wear. This sleek tie provides an understated yet polished look, and can be worn in a variety of environments, from professional to casual. In 1971, the bolo tie became the... More »
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