How to Make a Bottle Incense Burner?


To make a bottle incense burner you will need to get a bottle and wash it first. You then cover the middle point of the bottle with some duct tape. Afterwards, you are going to drill a small hole at the center at a slight angle. Once done, remove the duct tape and tie an alligator clip to one side of a string. You'll then clip the end of the incense to the alligator strip.
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1. Find something to work as a basin. You will want something that works to catch all the incense ashes so they don’t drop all over the world. It should be a circular basin
1 Wash and dry empty 2-liter bottle Ad 2 Screw cap back onto the bottle, very tightly. 3 Take pocket knife or scissors and cut a 10"x4" rectangle in the center of the bottle
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1. Remove any labels from the clear glass bottle. Wash and rinse the bottle to remove any dust, dirt, food or glue. Dry the bottle completely. 2. Decide on a design for your bottle
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How to Make a Bottle Incense Burner
A bottle incense burner is made from a glass bottle. This type of incense burner keeps all of the ashes inside of the bottle and forces the incense from the top. Turning old glass bottles into incense burners is one way to reuse the bottle. This project... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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