How to Make a Brain Model?


There are various materials you van use to make a brain model. Start by printing a paper diagram of a side view of the brain. Cut a piece of wax paper to cover the diagram and tape together. Work the clay or salt dough until pliable. Add color if needed to make six colors of dough. Mold the dough to fit the shapes in the brain diagram. Allow clay or salt dough to fully dry and carefully peel back the wax paper. Paint if needed and label the parts of the brain. Attach to a base, if desired.
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1. Choose a photographic image of the brain to serve as a guide. Pick an image that doesn’t have too much detail, but only the essential features to create the major brain areas
To make a model of a brain you need a large piece of Styrofoam: approximately 9 inches by
Teaching kids how to make a heart model is a great way to show them how the hardest-working muscle in the human body works. Making an anatomical heart model requires a bit of effort
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How to Make a Model of the Brain
So you want to make a model brain for a science project or to scare your acquaintances. The brain is the organ that controls physical movements as well as the intellect. Use a brain mold to create a model brain, using household supplies to create the... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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