How to Make a Candy Dispenser?


You can easily make a candy dispenser out of coffee cans. To make one for your kids or yourself you will need large coffee cans, safety glasses, a drill press, a dowel rod, styrofoam, cardboard and an Exacto knife. See this site for complete directions for making a candy dispenser.
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How to Build a Candy Dispenser
So, I'm sure you've got to be curious about how you're going to pull this one off, right? I mean, who hasn't wanted a fun, creative gadget in your home that you can really use to surprise and impress your visitors. Building your own candy dispenser is a... More »
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A candy dispenser can be made using a coffee can, a dowel rod, Styrofoam, and cardboard. The supplies are constructed so that when the dowel is turned, a piece of candy is dispensed.
I like candy dispenser's as they give you candy in the right portion! It is a portion control machine, specially for people like me who are always dieting. You can find more information at
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