How do you make a casket spray?


A floral casket spray is made from flowers and greens inserted into floral foam and attached to the lid of the casket with a holster called a saddle, according to CindaWood. There are no strict rules about the size of the spray or the species of flowers it contains. Some casket sprays are made from real flowers, while other florists prefer to use artificial blooms.

According to FTD, popular flowers for casket sprays include ferns, lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums, roses and baby's breath. Many plants have special funereal significance. Lilies, for example, symbolize the innocence, purity and majesty of a soul that has completed its earthly pilgrimage and gone to be with God.

Gladiolus symbolizes integrity and noble character. Gladioli are large plants festooned with tiny flowers and are also popular in casket sprays because they take up so much space.

Chrysanthemums are frequently included in casket sprays, grave decorations and other funereal flower arrangements. Teleflora explains that white chrysanthemums symbolize lamentation, particularly in Asian cultures. In many eastern European cultures, these flowers are reserved solely for funerals and memorial services.

Many casket sprays include pink, white and red carnations. Teleflora reveals that red blooms symbolize respect and admiration, pink blossoms represent remembrance and white carnations stand for love and pleasant memories of the deceased.

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How to make a flower casket spray
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