How to Make a CB Antenna?


Did you know you could make a cb antenna with a fishing rod? Amazing! Just follow the instructions and you will have your homemade cb antenna! For more information look here: CB Antenna using a Fishing Rod;
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How to Build a CB Antenna
Although not as popular as in the 1970s and 1980s, Citizens' Band (CB) radio is not dead. This guide offers a quick and dirty means of making a CB antenna that anyone can do with enough patience. It isn't pretty, but this CB antenna design is ideal for... More »
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1. Strip the outer insulation from 102 inches of coaxial cable using a pocketknife. Be careful not to damage the metal braided shield that lies beneath. The total length of your cable
1 Choose an antenna. There are a few factors involved in choosing a CB antenna. Since the CB band involves a 36 foot wavelength, the ideal antenna would be 36 feet tall. This is impossible
To ground your CB antenna you must take a cable from the antenna and run it to the
a good grounded long antenna should give you good range ,how ever it depends on your raido and how much power you have on transmitting .i have a wilson 5000 magnet mount ,with a super
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1. Disconnect the vehicle's battery. 2. Remove the AM/FM radio antenna. To do so, turn the antenna mast in a counterclockwise direction, then turn the mount's ...
1. Connect the SWR meter to the antenna and the CB radio by twisting the end of the antenna's cable onto the input on the SWR meter. Twist the cable coming from ...
The CB mobile antenna extends the radio reach. It consists of a various heights that usually extend the range to over 10 miles. These include small CB antennas ...
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