How to Make a Chart?


Making a chart can be done in just a few easy steps. First you need to gather up your data. Next you need to set up your intervals for your chart. Next you plot your points on the chart. Now you are off to chart making!
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How to Make a Chart
Charts are great visual aids for presentations. They show a great deal of data and information quickly. You can draw graphs neatly using graph paper. Making a chart is also easy if you use Microsoft Excel. The charts can be printed in color with... More »
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Making any kind of chart is easy using Microsoft Exel on your computer. Once Exel is open go to Standard toolbar and click on New workbook. Then Click on File ans select New. Enter the data you want to be graphed, highlight data to be graphed, then select the Chart Wizard.
A T chart is easily made by drawing a vertical line down the center of a paper. A horizontal line will need be drawn from left to right near the paper's top.
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A chart is a tool used to help give data more visually. The most common is a pie chart that uses pieces of a pie to represent pieces of a percentage as a whole. Look here for more
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For a basic chart, arrange the data the way you want it on the chart. After selecting the cells, go to the INSERT tab then Charts. Select the chart type then subtype ...
After you have inputted all data onto the excel, click on data, and then pivot chart to make a chart from the numbers in the spreadsheet. ...
To make a chart for calories burned, keep track of the time you spend on all of your daily activities. Use an activity calculator to estimate your burned calories ...
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