How to Make a Chicken Coop?


A chicken coop is a shelter that is used to rear chicken. It is usually made of wood to keep the chicken warm in all seasons. To build a chicken coop one requires wood, steel nails, iron sheets for the roofing and dry hay. A chicken coop should comfortably house at least eight chickens and generously allow for 4.5 sq ft of space per chicken, 3 nests shared between 8 chickens and 9inches of perch length for each chicken.
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Setting up a coop can be done by first gathering wire mesh, wood, laying material and necessary tools. Following the design, build a coop for the chicken population and some allowance for growth as well as considering lighting, ventilation, feeding spots and aesthetics. Details may be confirmed at:
Chicken coops are not only for the comfort of your chicken but it also keeps them safe from hunting night predators. You can make a chicken coop for little cash and keep your dinner safe. You can find more information here:
Whether keeping chickens for your own private egg supply, or selling eggs for a little extra cash, you can make a chicken coop to serve whatever needs you have. A coop should allow 4-5 sq. ft. of space per chicken, plus allow space for nesting and perching. For more information look here:;
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First, determine how big you want the chicken coop to be. Then, check your yard and garage for supplies. You can use old board, leftover lumber and/or plywood. You will also need
1. Build a fence around your coop and chicken run. A fence is your first line of defense against most predators. Chicken wire is a good choice, but any wire fence through which predators
1 First, remove any bedding materials. Put on a mask, latex gloves, and scoop up all of the materials with your hands into a garbage bag. The moisture in the bedding can cause an
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There are literally hundreds of different plans to build a chicken coop. Depending on the materials you have available, or wish to buy, a chicken coop can be ...
Chicken coops are build from wood and usually a type of screen. You will need to shape the frame and apply the screen, nails and screws are also used! ...
The Amish people build chicken coops for several reasons. They build them to keep their own chicken flocks in and also to sell to others as a way to draw income. ...
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