How to Make a Chipmunk Trap?


One of the easiest ways to trap a chipmunk is to purchase a Have-A-Heart trap. All you need to do is place a small amount of food inside and wait for the chipmunk to get caught inside the trap.
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How to Build Your Own Chipmunk Trap
If you have a yard or live near the woods, chances are you've noticed chipmunks running around your property as they gather food and excavate new homes. While chipmunks can be beneficial because they eat grubs and other pesky insects, they can also wreak... More »
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You can make a chipmunk trap out of metal or wood, and to make it effective, you need to have some kind of bait, such as oats or nuts, to lure it in.
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1. Watch your yard to see where the chipmunks roam. They use the same trails repeatedly. They dwell mostly in forests and at the edge of forests, but will visit your yard if it has
1 Tape the three manila folders together with duct tape. If you are using cardboard, skip this step. 2 Punch a single hole on each of the 4 sides of the folder stack 3 Cut the elastic
Prop up a laundry basket with a stick. Tie a string to the stick. Do this setup where you are seeing the chipmunk. Put his favorite treat under the laundry basket. If you don't know
Purchase and set up chipmunk traps at your local home and garden center. Some traps will kill the chipmunks while others will just trap them. more?
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If you have a chipmunk that you need trapped, consider purchasing a Have-A-Heart trap. Just set up the trap, place some food inside, and then wait for your chipmunk ...
To make a homemade chipmunk trap, you need a cardboard tube, a table, a large bucket, and bait. Fold the tube so one side is flat. Place the tube on the edge of ...
1. Find a large cardboard box such as a box for a television or refrigerator. A cardboard box will block birds and other non-target animals from feeding on the ...
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