How to Make a Chiton?


In ancient Greece, people wore large pieces of cotton folded into a garment called a chiton, which is an easy and a cheap item to make. You just require a large bedsheet which should preferably be white in colour, some safety pins and leather sandals to complete the look. For instructions on how to make the chiton, just click on this link;
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A chiton is a type of clothing the Greeks wore.
1. Measure the child from shoulder to knee. This will be the height measurement of the garment. 2. Have the child hold out his arms, and measure his arm span. This will be the width
chiton: a woolen tunic worn by men and women in ancient Greece; primitive elongated bilaterally symmetrical marine mollusk having a mantle covered with eight calcareous plates
n. Any of various marine mollusks of the class Polyplacophora that live on rocks and have shells consisting of eight overlapping calcareous plates. Also called sea cradle. A tunic
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How to Make a Chiton
A chiton was a Greek garment that hung from the shoulders of the wearer and then fell anywhere from mid-thigh to ankle. It could be worn by both men and women, and if you are looking for an easy costume for a party or a play, a chiton is a good choice.... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
A chiton can be made from a flat bed sheet. Fold about 12 inches of the top down and pin front to back over each shoulder through the fold. Wrap a cord around the waist making sure to wrap the open side around body. You can find more information here:
To make a chiton you will need a full-size flat bed sheet, some safety pins and a decorative cord. You may want to have an extra set of hands to help you. You can find more information here:
You can make a chiton out of a bed sheet. You will want to make sure that the sheet is a full size flat sheet. You will want to start by making a 12 inch fold across the top. See link for more details.
In making a chiton clothing you will need a wide a much wider piece of fabric, a sewing machine, a lot of buttons and pins. The wide piece of fabric is being sewn or buttoned all the way from the neck to down to the wrist. For more information look here: Tips in Making A Chiton Clothing;
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