How to Make a Christmas Reef?


To make a very simple Christmas wreath take a cardboard pizza plate and cut out the center. Rip up green tissue paper into different sizes and glue all over the wreath over lapping the pieces and letting some of the paper hang over the edge. Now decorate the wreath with sparkles, ribbon, stickers, Christmas decorations and hang.
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You can go to any craft store and purchase a plain wreath and decorate it to your liking. You can use christmas tree bulbs tinsel holley etc to decorate the tree to match your surroundings
1. Mold a ball with your modeling clay or playdough, and flatten it just a little to make it egg shaped. 2. Press the radiatore pasta into the clay to make a "brain-like"
Vintage Christmas cards echo the happy memories of Christmas past, reflecting the desire many have to focus on a simpler time during the holidays. If the vintage look suits your style
1. Cover your working space well with paper because this project will be very messy. Make your paper mache paste by mixing two parts white glue with one part water. Tear up a newspaper
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