How to Make a Christmas Reef?


To make a very simple Christmas wreath take a cardboard pizza plate and cut out the center. Rip up green tissue paper into different sizes and glue all over the wreath over lapping the pieces and letting some of the paper hang over the edge. Now decorate the wreath with sparkles, ribbon, stickers, Christmas decorations and hang.
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You can have a lot of fun making a Christmas spider. You will need several beads, wire, thread, and a glue gun. Be sure take safety precautions when deals with hot glue! Look here
1. Remove the lid from your shoebox and lay it horizontally on a flat work space so the opening is facing up. Cut away the long side facing you and discard the excess cardboard. 2
Wreaths are fun to make and can brighten up any holiday season. Not only do they illuminate the senses, but they also give your home a comforting scent. Ivy eucalyptus, pine boughs,
1. Start a decorating service; decorate homes for a fee. Charge for each separate decorating job you will do, from the Christmas tree, to a stairway to outdoor lighting. You will
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