How do you make a cinnamon-scented broom?


Bunches of twigs 3 to 5 feet long are ideal for making cinnamon scented brooms. Add smaller twigs and pine needles to the bottom to give a fuller look. Cinnamon essential oil gives the broom its signature scent, according to Yahoo Voices.

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1. Gather your pine cones and place them on a cookie sheet. Place them in a preheated 200 degree oven for about an hour. The pine cones should open up during this time, if they are
1. Boil the water. Ad. 2. Add the cinnamon and vanilla extract. 3. Allow to broil for one minute, then turn down the heat to low. 4. Leave to cook for as long as required. You will
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They take the small twigs of a cinnamon tree bind them at the bottom and in the middle, but let them flair out at the top. They smell AMAZING! I just bought one.
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