How to make a civil war kepi?


During the Civil War both Union and Confederate soldiers wore hats called kepis, a style copied by Americans from the kind worn by the French army, where it originated. To make your own kepi you'll need 1/2 yard cloth, cardboard, stiff black leather or cardboard, flexible black leather or vinyl, brass buckle and two brass buttons. Plenty of free patterns can be found on the internet including an inexpensive method of making a kepi by refashioning a baseball cap. For more information visit:
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How to Make a Civil War Kepi
Both Union and Confederate soldiers wore hats called kepis during the Civil War. The French army originally adopted the kepi as part of their uniform, but Americans copied the style. A private might wear a plain blue or gray kepi or add a brass or cloth... More »
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1. Measure around the head of the person who'll be wearing the kepi. Take the measurement at forehead level. 2. Draw and cut out a paper pattern that's half as wide as the person's
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