How to Make a Comment Box?


To make a comment box, you would need general knowledge in coding that has to do with html and css. But, to make it easier, you can make your comment with a comment box generator from the website called Myspacegens.
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How to Make Your Own Comment Box
A comment box lets website visitors send in their comments via an online form. It's used to gather opinions and track visitors for an email campaign without exposing an email address. You may make the text fields of a comment box optional or required. By... More »
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1. Visit MySpace and log in to your account. Click the "Edit Profile" link beneath your picture. 2. Click on the text box labeled "Who I'd Like To Meet" and paste
You must be very popular on myspace. To put your myspace comments in a scroll box put the following code from into your "Who I'd like to meet" section
1 Turn on the markup feature. How you turn on the feature depends on the version of Word you're using. Word 2003 and earlier versions use the older menu and toolbar interface, while
You'll need more than just jQuery to fully implement this (specifically, a database to store your comments). Embed Quote
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You can make a comment box for Myspace by utilizing a generator. For further information, you can visit: ...
It all depends on how you want to code your website. There are many ways in putting a comment box, a simple code in this link ...
1. Locate the area within the HTML code that contains the scroll bar. To do this, look for a
code that contains the attribute "overflow:scroll ...
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