How to Make a Cone out of Paper?


In order to make a cone out of paper, cut a circle out of any type of paper. The large the circle is, the taller the cone will be. Next, cut out a section of the circle, from the outside edge all the way to the very center like you would cut out a piece of pie or pizza. The smaller the piece, the wider the cone will be. The larger the piece, the narrower the cone will be. Finally, fold the circle so that the edges of the cut-out piece overlap, and tape it together. You now have a paper cone!
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1. Select heavyweight paper. Index stock or thin cardboard works best as it is lightweight enough to roll easily and is heavy enough to hold its shape. Consider colored paper or card
Try this method. OR. Hope this helps.
1. Cut parchment paper into a right-triangle (one corner 90-degrees, the two short sides equal in length) Alternately, buy parchment paper that is already cut into triangles for cones
With your right hand, pull the end of the triangle up toward your left hand, so that all of the triangle corners are gathered together. You might need to push or pull the cone a bit
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To make a paper cone, you will need the following materials: template for the paper cone, card stock paper, crepe paper, glue stick, double sided tape and staples. You'll also need: a pencil, scissors and ribbon. For more information, visit:
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