How to Make a Cowboy Hat with Paper?


You can make a paper cowboy hat with newspaper, some masking tape and whatever color tempera paint you'd like. Put three pieces of newspaper over your head. Have another person press the edges down over the sides of your head, and put masking tape over the newspaper, from your lower forehead, over your ears, and around the back of your head to make a circle. Repeat to create two layers of tape.
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1. Put 3 pieces of newspaper over your head. 2. Have someone press down the edges over the sides of your head. Have them put masking tape over the newspaper around your head; the
The purpose for a cowboy's hat, was so the tall crown and wide brimmed tip could shade the heat and sun from the cowboy.
1. Take a small paper bag and use scissors to cut along the four vertical folds. The hat should be about half a page large for children's hats. 2. Place the deconstructed paper bag
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How to Make a Cowboy Hat with Paper
You may think that paper crafts are only for children; after all, a paper hat would never come close to looking like the real thing, right? Wrong. This paper cowboy hat will fool the best of them, and it's surprisingly easy to make. With just a few... More »
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Looking to make a custom hat or customize the one you have? Most of the time when I have played around with my hats I use either water or steam to re-shape them ...
If you need a unique costume for a party, try building a beer box cowboy hat. You can easily build one using three beer boxes. You will also need a measuring ...
To make a cowboy hat from beer boxes you need to empty three boxes first. Flatten out the boxes and cut out the pieces you need and glue them together. Follow ...
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