How to Make a Crawfish Trap?


I used to make simple ones out of wire mesh. I built a box without a top from wire mesh and then attached a rope to the basket for hauling it out of the water. For more information look here:;
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How to Build a Crawfish Trap
The small crawfish caught in the wild are trapped live in wire mesh containers. Crawfish trapping is a tradition in the deep South, especially in Louisiana where crawfish are a part of the Cajun food lore. Multiple traps are deployed in grassy bayou or... More »
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Building crawfish traps are fairly easy. For detailed instructions go to or
1. Refer to the picture and cut out two cylinders from the wire cloth so that the cylinder ends up about 6-8 inches in diameter. In the pet stores they have the fold and crimp clips
1 Cut the first bottle just above half way. Ad 2 Cut the second bottle few inches higher up than the first. 3 Unscrew the lid, and put the smaller of the two bottles' lid side in
Materials needed: 2 soda bottles, bait, scissors. 1. Take the caps off both the bottles and discard them. 2. Cut the neck of the bottle off and put them aside. 3. Cut the bottoms
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Crawfish are also called crayfish and crawdads. They look like a miniature lobster. You can catch them with a basket type trap that is assembled with stainless ...
Building crawfish traps are fairly easy. For detailed instructions go to or ...
To build homemade crawfish (or crawdad) traps you will need stainless steel tie wire, nylon ties and hardware cloth. You will also need something to cut the wire ...
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