How do you make a crib bumper pad?


This is a fairly simple project even for a beginning sewer. You will need about 2 yds of material, I always plan for a little extra just in case I mess up. You will also need cotton batting, ribbon to match your material, tape, copy or printer paper, straight pins, a measuring tape and scissors. First you will have to make your pattern which is easy. You first need to measure your crib or bassinet. You will need to make your pattern 1/2' longer on either side. You next need to measure how deep you want your bumpers. The usual width is the size of your paper 8 1/2'. Next you will take your paper and tape it end to end till you get the length you want. Then mark you pattern where you want the ribbons to be. Lay your fabric folded in half down on a flat table along with the batting and your pattern and pin into place. Cut two halves for the sides and also for the ends and then pin them back together. Cut your ribbon in 2 pairs at a time in approximately 10' pieces. You should now have 12 pairs. Place the ribbons inside the fabric where you want them to be. Sew your pieces together and you're done. For more information look here: Tips on making a crib bumper.;
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1. Measure the perimeter of your baby's crib with a measuring tape. Write down the measurements. 2. Lay your fabric out on a clean, flat surface. Mark off the dimensions of your bumper
You can make a crib bumper out of small, rectangular padded pillows or mesh cloth. Make sure the pillow is not so thick that the child can suffocate if pushed against it! Tie the
Crib bumper pads are made with a variety of fabrics with most companies having their own preferred choice. Most bumper pads have been replaced by the alternative breathable mesh because
I washed mine at home in the washer & dryer. Just wash as normal, maybe on the gentle cycle, then when you dry it, try adding 3 tennis balls to your dryer.yes tennis balls. They
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How to Make a Crib Bumper Pad
Crib bumper pads were originally designed to protect infants from falling through the slats of a crib. If you want to personalize your baby's crib by making your own bumper pads, choose fabrics that are breathable, and do not overstuff the pads.... More »
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A standard crib bumper pad size is 10 inches high by 160 inches long. If you plan on making your own crib bumper, be sure to sew tires along both the top and the ...
The amount of fabric needed to make a crib bumper varies. The standard crib is normally 13 feet by 1 foot. So you will need about six yards of fabric to make the ...
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