How to Make a Cross Stitch Pattern?


There are many tools out there to help you make the actually pattern. You can choose a book which has the pattern in it that you follow. If you want to be more creative there are online programs that will take a picture you supply and turn it into a cross stitch pattern for you to do.
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1. Purchase plain, pattern-making paper or translucent tissue paper. 2. Place it over the picture you would like for a pattern and trace the outline onto the tissue paper. 3. Cut
1 Take the picture and if it is not already digital scan it on. Make sure that it is not too fancy. Intricate details won't work well. Ad 2 Open the picture with Gimp. 3 Once there,
Learning to make cross stitch charts is the next step for those who are ready to move beyond kits and patterns and start creating their own custom designs. It's actually quite easy
Hello, Ann :) To create a wedding pattern, I would suggest using either PC Stitch, or Pattern Maker. You can find PC Stitch on and for Pattern Maker, their website is I hope that
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