How do you make a Cub Scout vest?


Making a cub scout vest is pretty much done just like any other vest would be. You can actually use an old shirt and simply cut the arms off and taper the bottom. Make sure to stitch on all appropriate patches.
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1. Spread the fabric out over a flat, clean surface, such as a large table. Place the pattern on top of the fabric. Pin the pattern to the fabric. Cut the fabric out along the pattern
In our district (and I think Council) Floodles are used at Day Camp as a recognition (unlike Girl Scout Swaps which are traded between girls) and each pack makes them. You can give
1. Cut out two pieces of fabric that are each long enough to reach from your collar bone to your hips and as wide as the widest part of your torso plus 2 inches. 2. Lay the two fabric
1. Lay the large piece of felt on a flat work surface. Place the child's shirt on top of the felt. Alternately, you can use a vest pattern. Trace the edges of the shirt with a piece
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