How to Make a Dalek Costume?


To make a Dalek costume, first get an idea of the shape and costume you want to make. Build a frame for the Dalek's base. Use lightweight material to construct a circular frame. Attach sheets of cardboard to the frame using string tape to cover the frame. Create a frame for the Dalek that will cover your torso. Measure your shoulders to find the width for you to fit. Build the head. You could modify an object such as a large bowl. Cut foam balls in half and glue them to the base using hot glue. Spray paint all parts of the Dalek costume, and let it dry before wearing it.
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1. Find pictures of Daleks online and in fan magazines. Get a clear idea of the shape and color you wish to achieve. Print out these pictures and put them up around your workspace
you could make the top portion from a cardboard box and duct tape(Silvery) the old Daleks from the 70's are easier. you could paint the details and use a few other glued on pieces
Things You'll Need. Round laundry basket. Scissors. Fabric. Poster board. Stapler. Spray paint. Craft wire. Flat batting. Glue gun. Glue sticks. Felt. Instructions. Cut the bottom
Things You'll Need. Skin-colored leotard. Thick, flat piece of cardboard. Scissors. Foam board (any color). Glitter. Troll wig (if not using your real hair). Tall, wide cup. Rubber
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How to Make a Dalek Costume
Showing up at a costume party as one of Doctor Who's ancient nemeses is sure to impress your fellow sci-fi fans. As you may imagine, constructing the armored casing for an evil mutant alien is no simple task. Building a wearable Dalek will require a lot... More »
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