How to Make a Detonator?


There are different types of detonator low and high explosives. to make a detonator you will require 12 inches water proof fuse,223 catrges,smokeless gunpowder ,mercury fulminate,sulphur,potassium chlorate powder. Combine a part of potassium chlorate with 1/8 part sulphur. This is mix 1. Mix 2 part mercury fulminate with 1/2 part mix1. This is the final mix. Fill the 223 shell to the rim with final mix and the rest of the shell should be filled with smokeless powder. Place the fuse in the 223 shell, and pinch and glue.
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Since a detonator is used to set off explosives, a person's interest in how to make a detonator is suspect to say the least. Trying to make your own detonator could be a dangerous, not to mention illegal undertaking. The best advice is don't do it.
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Detonation, knocking, or pinging in a gasoline engine is caused by an improper burn in the engine cylinders. As the spark plug fires and the fuel begins to burn detonation has the
1. Use fuel that has a higher octane level. Increased octane levels raise the temperature at which the fuel ignites, as well as provide a more controlled burn during combustion. If
( de′tän·iks ) (engineering) The study of detonating and explosives performance.
Definition: Detonation (generally caused by fuel with a low. octane rating. is the tendency for the fuel to pre-ignite or auto-ignite in an engine's combustion chamber. This early
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Detonations refer to the unexpected and aggressive release of chemical, mechanical, or nuclear energies from confined rooms, which create shock waves that travel ...
The words detonate means to burst violently and nosily; thus, releasing energy as through a fierce chemical or physical reaction. This can be due the exploding ...
The word detonator refers to an appliance such as an electrical generator that is used to set off an explosive charge. It can also mean something that explodes ...
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